Pollarding for B&Q in Sheffield

To assist in maintaining security on site, we were requested by B&Q Sheffield to perform pollarding on multiple trees next to the fence.

Felling a large oak tree in Bramhall

This was an interesting job involving felling a large oak tree in Bramhall, Stockport. After pollarding, then sectionally felling the main trunk, we used our Carlton stump grinder to fully remove all traces of the tree.
You can see from the photos why our client needed the services of their local Arundel Tree Surgeons! The tree was causing substantial damage to the building as can be seen in the top image.

bramhall oak stump grinding
bramhall oak stump grinding

bramhall oak on lawn

Tree felling for housing development in Altrincham

The trees in the photos were being felled to make way for a small housing developement. Once the trunks were on the ground they were lifted out in 4m lengths by a JCB Fastrac mounted crane onto a trailer and removed for processing into firewood. The remaining branches went in to the chipper.

Felling of two Ash trees in Hale

Felling of two Ash trees in Hale. Recommendation came from a customer who we previously trimmed conifers for.

Felling and pruning Conifers in Hale and Sale

We had two different conifers to deal in Hale, and close by in Sale.

The first was an overgrown conifer hedge that required full felling and removal. The second was much smaller in size and just required pruning.